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1-Year Building A Cozy Log Cabin In The Woods!

    Log cabins are still as popular as ever. There are more log options today than ever before. You can choose from custom log homes and log cabin kits in every style, size, and design. If you are interested in log homeownership you will need to decide if you want to purchase a kit or hire someone to build the log home. This video will show how to build a complete log cabin. The video is ASMR inspired and shows you how to build a small off-grid log cabin using a hand-operated sawmill. This video is sure to teach and inspire you.

    The builder has a 40-acre property where dead pine trees are cut down to build a log shack sugar shack. This will house a sap boiler for maple syrup so that they can enjoy it in the spring. The dead and overgrown pines are chopped down with a chainsaw to provide the logs for the sugar shack. The pines have been badly mismanaged and are overgrown in this replanted woodland. The trees should have already been thinned and cut back nearly a decade earlier. Rehabilitating a forest begins with removing dead trees. Later, the builder thins the forest even more to prepare it for replanting.

    We will mainly be cutting trees, then choosing the site. To get our raw materials, we have to do a lot of tree-felling and hauling. I’ll use my chainsaw to cut down all of the overgrown and shaded out dead pines, which I will then cut into logs in order to build a sweet shack. The pines that have been replanted in this forest are grossly overgrown and fat. The trees should’ve been thinned and cut back nearly a year ago. Rehabilitating the forest begins with removing the dead trees. Later, we’ll thin out the forest more to prepare it for replanting.

    The builder then starts building the cabin from the ground up. The butt-and pass method is used, which involves lapping one row of logs on top of another while fastening them together with spikes. This method is faster and easier to use because it eliminates the tedious task of notching and scribing every log. The butt and pass corner joint on a cabin log gives it a rustic, old fashioned look. As the logs are laid out to create the exterior corners of the building, the first one on each layer extends over the corner. The second log then forms a wall butt into the first. As the logs for the corner are laid, the extended ones alternate to create an interlaced effect. The next step involves building the walls of the log cabin starting at the foundation. You’ll need to watch the entire video in order to see the finished product.

    For more information about this story, please visit: YouTube – Modern Self Reliance