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You Will Love This Small Log Cabin With Beach Sauna

    The Kuusiranta in Finland is an authentic log house located 50 kilometers north of Kajaani, and 13 kilometers west of Paltamo municipal center on the Oulujarvi lake (Paltaselka). The log cabin has a shallow beach, with small rocks, a rowingboat and motorboat with 9.8 horsepower that can be rented. The boats and pier are available until the end of October. The small log cabin, built in 1995, is a great place to relax. The cabin features a living room, a couch bed, a small kitchen, a built in bed in an alcove, and a covered patio.

    The cabin includes a separate sauna, a dressing area and porch. A pump on the porch can pump water into the sauna. Water can be heated using a tank attached to a wood-burning Sauna stove. The log cabin is equipped with a composting bathroom. On the property, there is also a lean to shelter and a campfire site. The log cabin comes with a covered front porch. The log cabin features include electric lighting, solar panel, stove and no waterpipe. (Water must be carried by hand from the lake or well). You will also need to bring drinking water.

    You’ll notice that the forest and trees surrounding the plot were cut down in 2022. The landscape is therefore different from what you see on the pictures. The log cabin will not be heated before the reservation. The guests must bring their own bed linen and towels. In the kitchen of the log house, there is a small sink. The cabin features two stoves – one in each room. Solar panels provide electricity to power lighting, TVs, and wall outlets. Kuusiranta lies in a sunny area by the large lake Oulujarvi. The log cabin boasts beautiful lake views. The log cabin is in a quiet area, without any visual contact with neighbors.

    There are many things to do on vacation. Fishing is allowed in Lake Oulujarvi with a fee for fisheries management. In the lake, you can find pike, whitefish, pikeperch, and perch. The Finnish Forest Administration (Metsahallitus), angling permits for Northern Ostrobothnia & Kainuu allow you to fish with fly or lure on the state-owned waters in Northern Ostrobothnia & Kainuu. The permit area covers approximately 80,000 ha of lake, pond and stream waters as well as over 600 km of river and streams. Hunting area for small game on state-owned land, Paltamo 5501.

    Kainuu is a region in Finland. Kainuu borders North Ostrobothnia (North Savo), North Karelia, and North Ostrobothnia. In the east, Kainuu also borders Russia. Kainuu belongs to a larger Eastern Finnish cultural heritage. The dialect of Kainuu has similarities to the Savonian dialect and Karelian dialect.

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