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Beautiful Rustic Log Cabin With Gable Roof

    You’ll want to take a closer look at this beautifully crafted bathhouse made of small-diameter pine. The Bath Cascade has one room that is used as a guest living room. Teremki design, manufacture, and construct log houses. When considering a log house there are many log house builders and styles of log homes to choose from. Teremki manually make houses out of wood in the following styles to include hand-cut/handcrafted, log houses made of large diameter logs, chopped usually in a diamond notch cup with upper and lower bumps emphasizing the natural shapes of the combs and the beauty of natural logs also known as a wild log house.

    Classic Russian and Canadian saddled cups are also possible. The fundamental difference between the Canadian log cabin and the Russian cabin building is that the density of the felling is achieved by crumpling the sharp edges of the groove and the sharp edges of the cups, and in the Russian cabin due to insulation and hemp. External signs of Canadian felling are a large diameter log and conical cups with cliffs.

    Teremki is the official representative of the Canadian company Moore Log and Timber Homes in Russia. Brian Moore and his team have built more than 450 wooden houses around the world in 35 years of their activity. Moore Log and Timber Homes are today one of the recognized world leaders in the manufacturing of exclusive wooden houses of hand-cutting from Canadian cedar. This is confirmed by the popularity of his works not only in North America, but also in Japan, Argentina, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland, Italy, and other countries. Now, these unique hand-cut log houses are also available in Russia.

    The uniqueness of Moore Log and Timber Homes lies not only in the high quality of workmanship but also in the building material from which these houses are made, in the Red Canadian Cedar. It grows only on the northwest coast of North America and has the following combination of properties to include minimally prone to damage from insects, bark beetles red Canadian cedar logs, very resistant to environmental influences such as rotting, it doesn’t darken or turn blue, unlike Russian coniferous wood. Another benefit of Red Canadian Cedar is that it contains a minimum of moisture, which means minimal shrinkage of the house and no cracks in the logs. Thermal conductivity indicators differ favorably from the thermal conductivity of pine and spruce. The softness of the wood allows you to crush all cracks under the weight of logs.

    There are a variety of log house designs to include 2 Piece-en-Piece and 3 Hybrid. 2 Piece en piece uses logs in the walls of a wooden house which are laid horizontally, filling the space between the posts and beams. In this case, there are no usual cuts and cups. 3 Hybrid log houses have part of the walls made of shrinkable building materials such as brick, concrete, stone, frame, and part of the walls to admire natural beauty made of logs.

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