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You Don’t Want To Miss This East Texas Log Cabin’s Rustic Interior

    This East Texas Log Cabin is being restored in Burton, Texas. It was originally constructed in 1836. The barn measures 31 feet by 47 foot, which is a total area of 1,457 sq. ft. Heritage Restorations’ builders and architects restored the barn. Heritage Restorations offers a variety of barn features.

    Antique Beams. Before the Industrial Revolution, when the sawmill revolutionized the lumber industry forever, beams were hewn manually for barns, houses, and other structures. Axes were used to cut down giant, virgin-growth trees. Once the logs were on the ground, craftsmen began the hewing procedure by using different types axes.

    Classic Sliding Barn Doors. Sliding barn doors are a functional and attractive option for many different design scenarios. Heritage Restorations can design sliding doors out of a variety different building materials. This includes reclaimed and new lumber.

    Handmade Custom Doors. Heritage Restorations has worked with many clients over the years to design custom doors using antique lumber. Reclaimed lumber has the unique character of weathered wood and is stable. It’s a great choice for your home’s entranceway because it can create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. All doors are made from premium-grade reclaimed wood. When appropriate, we use traditional mortise and tenon joinery, or splines. All hardware is commercial grade. Please feel free to send us sketches or photos of your proposed door styles. Here are the Aged Color Options.

    Threshing floor. This is the central area of a barn, where the threshing process is performed. It is made up of thick floorboards, which can withstand the beating from a flail and the treading by an ox.

    Crackled red. Everyone knows that red is the traditional colour of barns, but no one can explain why. The beauty of worn-out red paint on boards of pine can only be achieved by a long aging procedure that includes exposing barn pine siding to the sun and the elements.

    Classic Brown. This wood’s deep brown patina is not chemically reproduced and can only be obtained after many decades of exposure.

    Grey weathered. Pine boards that are left to weather in the right amount of direct sunlight will achieve this beautiful color. No chemical process can duplicate it. We carefully select these boards to ensure color and consistency.

    Rustic Roof. These roof boards, to which many generations of wood shingles have been nailed, date back to the original building of the barn. They are therefore centuries old. The only way to achieve their color and patina is by exposing them in the loft for a long time.

    You can find out more about this story at: Heritage Barns