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He Built A Secret Tiny Cabin That Has Wood Stove Heating

    You’ll want to watch this 20-minute video that shows how one person built their tiny cabin in the woods, with a custom wood stove. This was the first time the cabin owner ever attempted anything like this. To begin, the secret cabin location is found, along with the owner’s adorable dog, and the area is cleared of sticks. Then a log is found, measured, and cut with the small chainsaw. All of the branches are then also cut off, along with most of the bark is taken off. The log is then taken to the tiny cabin location, and the above step is then done over and over again until the tiny cabin starts to take shape. An axe is used to carve out the ends of the logs so they can be placed one on top of the other. Long screws are also used to secure the logs together, along with wooden pegs that are hammered into the logs.

    Three logs piled on top of one another provide the start of the cabin, and then logs are placed on top of the foundation to make the raised bed. Moss is used as insulation between the logs. The next step sees the log cabin builder cutting the door. Again the video shows using moss as insulation between the logs, it also looks nice. You’ll love the DIY wood stove made with a propane tank that first needs to be cut accordingly, to cut the top so piping can be placed in it, and cutting the front of the propane tank, to make a door that has hinges for opening and closing. Add in your wood, and you have a tiny woodstove that will heat the tiny house space. The dog likes it too.

    The cabin builder continues placing the logs one on top of the other, and the cabin starts to look like a home. Now the roof is starting to take shape, with a slanted roof design, perfect for making the rain and snow fall off. The door frame is added with the use of some wood, wooden pegs, a chainsaw, and a drill to secure the frame into the wood cabin. Now in a similar fashion to how the wood cabin was built, the builder takes some smaller logs with the bark taken off, places them beside one another, and joins them together with another small log. A drill and wooden pegs are used to secure the door together. The door is attached to the tiny cabin design with wooden pegs so it can be opened and closed.

    The next part of the building project used a metal can that is cut so it can be used as a place to safely place the tiny propane tank wood stove, so it is elevated off the ground. Next, the builder cuts a hole in the side of the cabin so the woodstove pipe can be set up, so the smoke will go outside of the cabin. Rocks are then placed around the wood stove, to help insulate and protect the cabin and woodstove. You’ll want to watch the entire video for all the details.

    More about this story can be found at: YouTube – Forestry Forest