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Spend Your Vacation In This Adorable And Cozy Cabin In Alaska

    The Trapper Cabin at Alaska Creekside Cabins, Seward Alaska, takes you back in time to the first pioneers who settled Alaska. This adorable and cozy cabin was built in the same style as the old Trappers, when they first came to Alaska. The Trapper Cabin comes with a full sized log bed that is perfect for a couple, or even an individual. The cabin comes with a dining room for two people, which is perfect for an authentic Alaskan experience. The Trapper Cabin has a front porch that overlooks Clear Creek. This salmon spawning stream borders the Alaska Creekside Cabins property. It offers guests one of best views in the area. The wood cabin’s fire pit allows guests to relax with their friends and family or enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

    The Trapper Cabin has been designed with both comfort and ambiance in mind. Trapper Cabin comes equipped with a microwave, a coffee maker, and fresh ground coffee. It also has a cable TV, DVD player, a hairdryer (upon demand), a hot water kettle, books, puzzles and board games. Firewood can be purchased on site. There is a refrigerator for your Alaskan fish.

    The Trapper Cabin can be described as a Dry Cabin. The cabins are equipped with fresh drinking water, and there are separate shower and restroom facilities for women and men. Alaska Creekside Cabins takes great care to keep their guest facilities clean and welcoming.

    Alaska Creekside Cabins offers guests an unforgettable hospitality experience at their Alaskan vacation cabin rental in Seward. The rustic charm of the ten handcrafted Alaskan cabins and the Coho & Chinook Apartments are sure to please guests. Alaska Creekside Cabins, located on 6 acres of private land, is a great Alaskan vacation destination. Clear Creek, which is a salmon-spawning stream, borders the property. Alaskan vacation cabin rentals provide the perfect base to explore the Kenai Peninsula, surrounding areas, and enjoy the comfort of their unique cabins.

    Each of the ten Alaskan vacation rental cabins is handcrafted and tells a unique story. All cabin buildings feature a natural wood interior, ambient furnishings and decor. Interior designs of cabins vary, but many feature handcrafted log furniture and natural wood furnishings as well as custom-designed lights. Cabins are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate varying party sizes.

    Dry Cabins versus Deluxe Cabins The Deluxe cabins have been designed to offer a more self contained experience for guests’ convenience. Each cabin in the Deluxe cabin building has its own bathroom. Larger cabins feature full kitchens as well as additional sleeping accommodations to accommodate larger parties. Dry Cabins include fresh drinking-water, a micro-refrigerator and coffeepot. There is also free WiFi, Internet TV, and other comforts. On-site facilities include a well-maintained bathroom and shower, including separate bathrooms for men and women as well 2 private showers. Each cabin is equipped with towels.

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