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Featured Log Builder: Coventry Log Homes

    Coventry Log Homes has been building log homes for over 25 year, making them a log home builder you can rely on. Coventry Log Homes began with Jim Elliott, even though the business was not started by him. Jim Elliott ran a log-building family business in Woodsville when he had small children. As the kids grew, they were also introduced into the log building business as they reached the age of employment. It worked out well because when Jim decided to retire, Jeff took over the business to start his own log home company. Coventry Log Homes – named after their original home town – was born. The company began by building a small log mill on a horse lot. Jeff then hired his brother Mark, who became vice president. In 1994, the company became incorporated. Over the last 25-years, their business has grown and evolved. They now have 60+ models in different categories. The five series include the Craftsman Series and Tradesman Series. They also have garages and additional storage for log homes.

    The log builder also offers three different package options, including the log package, shell package and complete package. These packages are also available in a variety log profiles, including 6×8 D and 8×8 D logs, 8×8 Round and 6×8 and 6×8 Chink profiles. For those who want only the look of siding they can also mill 6×8 or 8×8 solids to look like clapboard. Coventry log builders can also create log siding to look like logs, without the high cost of full logs. Coventry Log Homes is a company with over 30 employees, including the log builder who creates the log packages. The manufactured log packages, unlike a handcrafted home, where the log builder creates each and every piece by hand, are created by machine. The log builders then label each piece to ensure it is assembled properly. The factory professionals at the log builder will help each customer get the perfect log package with the design that they desire. Coventry log builders do not sell their log home packages via a dealer network, because they want to ensure that their customers receive the quality service throughout the entire process.

    Dealers will usually refer customers to the factory of the log builder, which is a roundabout process. Coventry Log Homes has everyone under one roof including the drafters who work on the log home plans, the pricing department, and the log builders in the mill. Dealers will often refer customers to a log builder’s factory, which is a long and roundabout process. Coventry Log Homes, on the other hand, has everything under one roof, including the log builders, the pricing department and the drafters of log home plans. A dealer’s commission may also mean that you pay more when you buy from them. However, if you purchase directly from the factory, you won’t have to pay any extra fees. Coventry Log Homes is a member of the Log and Timber Homes Council where log builders and manufacturers are required to grade their logs by accredited third-party agencies in order to ensure the quality of materials. This means that the logs used to build the homes of this log builder meet the national standard for log home construction. So you can buy a real log house made by professional log builders and manufacturers with confidence.

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