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A Spacious Log Home For An Affordable Price

    This log house located in Broaddus, Texas is a good example of what log house living is all about. The log home has great water access in a very private area of Lake Sam Rayburn. The log house property offers so much, including six lots along the Corps of Engineers property. You can pull your boat up below the log house during high lake levels. The log house is a gorgeous log home on with a rustic feel, big front porch, three bedrooms, two baths, and a huge living area for the whole family to enjoy. There is a shop on the property for boat and lake toys. The six lots are rolling and offer another spot for a lake cabin or guest home. The big front covered porch is the perfect place to sit back in the rocking chair and enjoy all that log house living has to offer. The beautiful log house property is close to the water and surrounded by trees, all that you imagined log house living would be.

    When it comes to log house living, log homes are a good choice for eco-building. A cabin building is a great way to build green. Building green, from the cabin building design stage to the log house construction is the right thing to do, both environmentally, and economically. Using wood in your cabin building design helps to create a building that is ecologically sound, aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient. Wood that comes from well-managed forests is a great environmental choice. A cabin building design is a healthy, comfortable build, that has lower energy consumption overall. A wood cabin also reduces the impact that building has on human health.

    A cabin building in all the stages from site selections, construction, maintenance and demolition is better for the environment. A log house design is a natural and easy way to make a difference for the environment. Wood and logs are excellent building materials that help to reduce greenhouse gases and stores carbons. A healthy, sustainable forest is a readily available solution to climate change. An acre of healthy growing trees can help to absorb about three tons of carbon dioxide and releases approximately two tons of oxygen. As the tree ages and the growth slows, fewer carbons are absorbed from the atmosphere.

    When you build a log house design that uses building materials that come from sustainably managed forests, it is just another step to ensuring an eco-building. Sustainable forest management keeps the balance between three main pillars to include ecological, economic and socio-cultural. Sustainably managed forests help to provide integrated benefits to everyone, ranging from safeguarding local livelihoods to helping to protect the biodiversity and ecosystems provided by forests. Sustainably managed forests also help to reduce rural poverty and mitigating some of the effects of climate change. This log house in Texas is just one of the log house designs you might consider when building a log house of your own; it’s a classic design the encompasses everything you love about log house living.

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