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A Well Curated Rustic Modern Barn Style Cabin

    Guesthouses don’t always have to be miniature replicas of the main house on the property. This Montana guesthouse designed by interior designer Abby Hetherington has a character all of its own and provides the extra space her clients needed on their property. She also proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune on decorating and making a guest house look great either. The home is on a property that couple Brad and Stacey Beckworth own. Even though they are from Texas, they love Montana and all of the natural wilderness the state provides. Even when he had only read about Montana, he fell in love with the state, and then a fishing trip there with his dad sealed the deal. He suggested building a house there to Stacy who had never been there herself, but she soon fell in love with it too upon visiting the first time. The couple feels like Montana is the perfect place to raise a family and teach their children about the meaning of life. They found the perfect property which had aspen trees, water and meadows and spectacular views. Even though the property is just outside of Bozeman, Montana it feels like it’s out in the country, secluded and private. With all of this nature and beauty surrounding them, the couple knew that they wanted to have a more rustic style home on their property, so they chose Joe Roodell of Miller-Roodell Architects to design their main home as well as a barn and a guest house.

    The couple even had some home building experience themselves and had learned a lot from Brad’s mom, who is an interior designer. They went to work building the cabin where they could live until the main home was completed, which is a great idea for anyone building on raw land. They wanted the cabin to be very rustic and to match the surrounding area perfectly with a lot of history implemented. It ended up being a refined version of a traditional rustic style home with incredible features worked into every square inch. The front face of the home is quite inviting with a large patio under the high awning. The barn style home also features a large entrance way with glass panels to really open the home up to the outdoors and create an infinite sightline. They also added an artistic rustic style chandelier made with deer antlers with lighting worked into it. Inside, the 1,200 square foot cabin feels a lot larger than it sounds. They used a lot of reclaimed wood on the walls as well as for the ceilings and cabinets. They went with concrete flooring for a modern yet rustic and industrial feel and metal countertops to keep things interesting.

    Of course, what barn home would be complete without a farmhouse style table? This one includes one right by the kitchen so it could also act as countertop space if needed. The kitchen also includes stainless steel appliances fit for a regular home, and a beautiful tile backsplash above the stove. For the backsplash in the entire kitchen, they went with a nice sand colored subway tile which bridges the gap between contemporary and natural styles. Every piece was hand-picked for the house, which is clear to see and makes for a very interesting interior. All of the furniture is expertly curated, making it feel like a work of art rather than a rustic cabin. In the bathroom, they went with a graphic tile for a pop of pattern and contrast and paired that with a deep blue vanity with a modern sink. They also created some more space by installing some reclaimed barn wood as another surface to sit at for doing makeup. Overall, this is such a beautiful barn home and one to get inspired by.

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