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Tour Inside This 675 Sqft Mountain Log Cabin

    You’ll be sure to love this 1-bedroom Colorado mountain cabin at the Devil’s Thumb Ranch. The 1-bedroom cabins including Byer, Ouray, Red Quill, Settlers, Willow, and Wrangler are all 675 square feet and contain a butler kitchen. Most of the cabins are dog-friendly. Ideal for two adults, each cabin exemplifies the Devil’s Thumb Ranch western design style with a wood-burning fireplace, as well as unique furniture and artwork. The Ouray, Red Quill, and Byers cabins all feature a king-sized bed in the first-floor living area. The Willow features a queen-sized bed in the first-floor living area. The Settlers and Wrangler cabins each have queen-sized beds in the loft. A specific cabin is assigned at check-in. To prevent wildfires, wood-burning fireplaces can only be used when there is a consistent snowpack.

    You will have everything you would need in your cabin for an authentic mountain experience. With a queen-sized bed in the loft and a sitting area on the main level, this cabin is cozy, quaint, and comfortable. Even your furry friend can join in one of the select pet-friendly cabins. Nestled among the rolling hills and rugged mountains of the Ranch Valley Creek near Winter Park, Colorado, lies the Devil’s Thumb Ranch, a historical and anthropological haven of mythology and beauty. Its name can be traced back to a time in American history when bison roamed free and smoke signals were the only method of long-distance communication.

    The Devil’s Thumb Ranch’s commitment to sustainability is a source of pride for them. It’s why they are always looking for ways to do things in a more environmentally friendly manner across operations, dining, spa, housekeeping, and more. The way they see it, the planet does so much, and the extra effort they put in is just a way of returning the favor. A shining example in the hospitality industry. In addition to solar panels that supply nearly all of the spa’s electrical needs, they have battery banks to store solar energy so that they can use it when the sun is not shining. The ranch has also converted a large portion of the pumps, motors, and outdoor lighting to run on DC power, a more efficient power source to use with solar.

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. At the Ranch, reclaimed building materials are used when possible. The stonework on building exteriors and fireplaces came from Winter Park area landslides and the interior wood paneling is local beetle-kill pine. And in the spirit of reducing, through digital newspaper subscriptions to the NY Times and Denver Post, they are reducing daily newspaper consumption. Beehives. The 80 beehives on the property work hard cultivating the honey and their commitment to preserving the land and the ability to grow their environmental produce. The ranch grows its produce and vegetables used in the Ranch House Restaurant in Kendra’s Garden.

    At the ranch, they exclusively use LED lighting throughout the property and leverage ground-source energy to heat and cool all of the buildings. This system uses the earth as a heat source in the winter and a heat sink in the summer to greatly increase the efficiency of the system.

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