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Rustic Log Cabin For Perfect Winter Getaway

    This rustic log cabin is located in Levi, Finland. The Polar Star Villas provide accommodation in Levi in several locations, all within of the town centre. Each holiday home comes with a private bathroom and parking. The well-appointed holiday home cabins come with a dining space and a kitchen with a dishwasher. The holiday cabins also come with a microwave, toaster and kettle. Every unit comes with a private bath and a hairdryer. The unit also includes a fireplace, a washing machine, and flat-screen television. Kittila Airport lies 13 km away. The Levi Express Cabin Lift can be found 900 m from the property. Marjalaki is 1 km away, Hemmo is 1 km away, Lastenmaa Kidsland 1, and Lastenmaa Kidsland 2, are both 1.1 kilometers away.

    Levi is located in Lapland (Finland), 170km north-east of the Arctic Circle. Levi has a wide variety of activities for both winter and summer. Snowmobiles, husky and Reindeer Safaris, hiking, cycling, canoeing and more. Finland’s fairytale landscapes and snow-covered terrain are quickly making it one of Europe’s most popular destinations. This Baltic jewel is dotted with picturesque lakes, charming old towns and serene forests. It makes for a scenic trip. These are some of things you can do during your holiday in Levi, Finland.

    Levi, Igloos. The igloos, which are self-contained apartments with a kitchenette and bathroom, allow you to watch the Northern Lights. The restaurant offers a fine Finnish meal, in a luxurious environment. Santa Claus is in Levi, Lapland. Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi is just a two-hour trip from Levi. It is well worth the day trip.

    See the Northern Lights. You can see the Aurora Borealis, also known as the northern lights. You can watch them from a boat, a snowmobile or even with reindeer. Levi is most famous as a destination for viewing the northern lights. This is especially true during the northern light season, which runs between the end August and the end April. Tourists also come to ski or snowboard.

    Levi Finland reindeer. Reindeer can also be found in Russia and Sweden. The Samiland exhibit will give you more information about the Sami culture and traditions. You can find it in the Hotel Panorama. This is a fun activity that you can do while waiting for your hot chocolate to warm up.

    Ice fishing in Levi is a must. Levi has many ponds, rivers, and lakes. In the colder months, the ice on the water makes it the perfect place to dip your rod and scout out some trout. You will require a local license to fish. Lake Immelmokit is a popular spot, as are the River Ounasjoki and Lake Pyhajarvi.