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Featured Log Builder: Kealey & Tackaberry Log Homes

    Kealey & Tackaberry Log Homes is a family owned and operated business that’s based west of Ottawa, Ontario in Canada. These log builders supply and build complete handcrafted and milled log homes for their customers using natural, non-manufactured materials. So it’s great to know that all of the homes they build are free of toxins, unlike conventional construction materials which tend to have many toxins. Not only is this far better for our environment, but it’s also great for indoor air quality and provides a very healthy living environment for the log home inhabitants. It’s also wonderful to learn that the log builders at Kealey & Tackaberry Log Homes believe in an old fashioned traditional business ethics and treat each of their customers as friends or family. It’s just as important to them as it is to you that your log home is finished to a high level of quality and that it meets all of the customer’s expectations. The company was established in 2006, and they are actually the only handcrafted log builder in the Ottawa area. Ottawa has a long history in sustainable forestry, and Kealey & Tackaberry Log Homes take pride in including these practices as a part of their business. They thrive on using all natural materials that have not been manufactured, from their log furniture to their homes. They pair traditional building techniques with modern building methods to create a unique, energy efficient and easily maintained home.

    The log building team is lead by Paul Kealey and Adam Tackaberry. Paul is a log builder who has a B.Sc. Degree from St. Francis Xavier University and also worked as a high school teacher for a while too. At one point he moved to British Columbia to learn log building, and as he learned more, he became enthralled with the process of building log homes, and he knew he wanted to do this for a living. So after he returned to Ontario, he joined Adam and together they created Kealey & Tackaberry Log Homes. Adam grew up in the Ottawa area and moved to Eerie, Pennsylvania to go to Mercyhurst College on a hockey scholarship. After he graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice, he gave up his hockey career and started to learn more about building log homes joining Paul to create their company. With the team, customers can create their own custom home or cottage, and then the team of builders will naturally construct a beautiful custom home using the best quality, natural materials. Their affordable prices make owning a log home a much easier reality to obtain. Some of their most popular designs include 3 bedroom homes, and for those on a budget, adding some timber accents can be a great way to add some interest and appeal while staying on a budget.

    The log builders feature 17 house plans with pricing for both timber frame or log construction so you can choose the best route for your own log home dreams. They can build the home to whatever stage you’d like too, from the weathertight shell and drywall stage which is the most popular choice. Or all the way up to a completely finished project that you can move right into. If you’re also looking for a place to put your log home or cabin, the log builders can also recommend different building sites they know of to you in the area. For example, right now, they are recommending Braeburn Estates on the shores of Madawaska River or Barrett Chute which is just an hour out from Ottawa and Kennebec Shores, another lakeside community with large private properties. Wherever you choose to build one of their homes, you’ll be sure to love it and enjoy making memories in it for a lifetime.

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