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A Beautiful Log Home With Modern Kitchen

    Log Cabin A is just one of the vacation cabins you’ll find at Zruby Pod Chopkom in the heart of the Nizke Tatry (Low Tatras). There are 16 beds in 6 rooms in log cabin A (2 rooms with ensuite and 2 rooms with shared bathrooms). There are 4 bathrooms, a living room with Wi-fi and satellite TV. There is also a dining area with a modern kitchen and a room for storing ski equipment. Log cabins Zruby Pod Chopkom provide their guests with the best possible comfort to relax in the heart of Nizke Tatry (Low Tatras) directly under the Chopok and Dumbier peaks. Situated in Trangoska location on the south side of the biggest Slovak ski resort Jasna Chopok with many slopes designated for hiking, alpine touring, and freeride. Comfortable private accommodation with the possibility of celebrations, family gatherings, or relaxing in the beautiful countryside of Low Tatras National Park. The following are some of the activities to enjoy during your vacation stay.

    Skiing. Ski Jasna at Chopok. The largest ski resort in Slovakia with the main peak of Chopok with a panoramic terrace and restaurant. 29 kilometers of ski slopes with 21km to the north and 8km to the south of Chopok, for all ski levels. Lifts rising from an altitude of 1,050 m.n.m. until 1830 m.n.m. north, south, exports lift skiers almost up to 2000 m.n.m. Three freeride zones, snowboard park, ski alpinism, kitewing, snow rafting, paragliding, and cross-country tracks.

    Ski Myto pod Dumbierom. Orientation, configuration, and outstanding character of the slope provide perfect conditions for great skiing not only for advanced skiers but also for beginners. Poma Unifix chairlift has the capacity of 2,000 persons/hour and 3 ski lifts increase the total transport capacity to 3,600 persons/hour. Additional services include a newly built restaurant with a capacity of 250 people with a wide range of meals and beverages, buffets, bathrooms, ski school for children and adults with our experienced ski instructors, and ski equipment rental, which also provides ancillary services.

    Ski Tale. Suitable for advanced and also less experienced skiers offers 6 ski lifts with a total capacity of 4,100 persons/hour, a snowboard and sled track, a cross-country track with a radius of 6.5km, snow tubing, ice stock sport, evening skiing, ski school, and ski equipment rental and service.

    Mountain guide. Mountain guide Uhlar John, who is a member UIMLA-Union of International Mountain Leaders Associations, offers expeditions for Low and High Tatras in summer and winter.

    Dumbier. The highest peak of Nizke Tatry (Low Tatras)at 2043.4metres above sea level and it is located on the main ridge between Krupova Hola and Kralicka. In the north, it appears as a huge alpine massif with 500m high walls, pillars, and troughs to glacier cauldrons leading to Bystra and Ludarova walley. Less steep southern slopes are covering the fields of granite stones. Chamois and alpine marmots live in the northern basins.

    Milan Rastislav Stefanik’s Cottage

    General Milan Rastislav Stefanik´s Cottage. This a mountain cottage open all year round situated under Dumbier peak at the main ridge of Nizke Tatry. Built from 1924 to 1928 is the longest cottage in service in Nizke Tatry. Serves as the alpine hiking destination, entrance for hiking to the highest peaks of the mountain range (Dumbier, Chopok, Derese), and offers shelter, meals, and accommodation for ridge trekking of Nizke Tatry.

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