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Fall in Love with South Carolina Charm in This Stunning Cabin

    South Carolina is beautiful, but this log cabin with its stunning views and dark wood interior is the home of dreams. A dark wood log with lots of windows and gorgeous landscaping.

    This beautiful home was featured on HGTV. It is a perfect example of how to take a classic design and make it your own. This home has large windows, decks and a walkout cellar. It is perfect for a family.

    The garage is located on the lower level. You have a beautiful entrance to the basement and a large walkout area around the corner. It’s great that you don’t need to cross a yard in order to park!

    This large deck is my favorite thing in any house. There are not only multiple large, open spaces but also a covered space in the middle. Plus, the view is amazing from the deck!

    Here you can get a better sense of the spaces on both the main floor and the basement, as well as the fire pit located in the backyard.

    The combination of logs and stones in this home makes it truly unique.

    The view is by far the best. The ultimate retreat home is a stone-covered hill that leads down to the water.

    You will find more beauty inside the house. This entry leads straight into the main room with a hallway bathroom on one end and a living area on the other. The stairs leading to basement are also visible in the foreground.

    The great room of this cabin features a fireplace that is positioned against the wall of large windows. The log walls and high ceilings are beautiful, and I love how the kitchen and living area flow so well together.

    You can see that the kitchen is located along the back of the living room. To the right is a black kitchen island with a beautiful gray and white counter that matches the stone in the entire home.

    The dining table can be seen in the background of the image, but there is also extra seating available at the bar. This is a nice place to have a party, or to share a meal and drink with friends.

    This kitchen has a great stove with double ovens, extra burners, and a true chef’s kitchen.

    It is easy to invite guests for a formal dinner or meal in the dining room, while also having the option of an informal gathering.

    I love how the open beams have been used to hang lights across the room. It’s a great idea to combine function and style.

    You can also use this wall for a movie night if you wish!

    The cabin’s bedrooms have beautiful log walls and ceilings, as well as a lot of windows. This particular room even has a sliding-glass door private deck entry.

    The master bathroom is a true dream with its extra-large bathtub and glass-walled enclosure. It is truly beautiful and the oasis you dream about after a long day at work.

    A second bedroom has a bathroom with a shower, but also a lofted space to hold another bed for children. A wonderful little guest suite!

    See how you can easily move the ladder out of the way when necessary to gain access to the lofted corner! I love this idea!

    There is also an area in this house with a sunroom. This space has a wall full of windows, and is perfect for a seating area.

    The wood stove in the corner, and the windows surrounding it, make this room feel cozy. I like this idea for a home reading room or office.

    The basement includes a 2-car attached garage and a living space. This floor can be used as a recreation room or a guest quarters. It features beautiful log work, wrought-iron doors, and a custom wood pool table.

    There are bedrooms on the basement floor. The middle area can be used as a den or entertainment room for the family.

    This home has a cozy sectional, a wet bar and a kitchenette. There is plenty of room to enjoy a movie or play games over the weekend.

    To add to the beauty of this home, you can also have a unique little wine cellar that has seating. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a romantic evening or relax after a busy day with your favorite drink.

    This home is unique with its large sofas, wood stove, beautiful accents and multiple entrances.

    See more about this home in the video below!

    How We Made This Home Our Own

    Check out the cabin for more information. Golden Eagle Log & Timber website. You can also find these on FacebookInstagramYouTube