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Beautiful Timber Frame Cottage With Awesome Rustic Interior

    This beautiful timber frame cabin, built by Skywalker Construction of Durango, Colorado, is the perfect choice for the lake. How better to spend quality time with friends and family than in a beautiful timber frame small cottage home. This custom cabin building accomplishes just that with a design that is a dream. This cottage home has a lot to offer. The wood used throughout is exposed beams. The beautiful chandelier in the dining room showcases the exposed beams beautifully. This small cottage home’s stonework is a wonderful complement to the cabin’s timber frame design.

    A timber frame design is a good choice for small cottage homes and cabin buildings. A timber frame cabin building has an open design and strong structure. The popularity of open-concept log houses is increasing. These log houses feature large kitchens that overlook the common living areas. Timber frame cabin buildings are stronger and can bear less load, which naturally creates an open floor plan with no obstructions. This timber framing is used in many older church designs because of its strength, durability, and beauty.

    Waste and sustainability. The timber frame log house design uses a larger amount of wood than traditional home designs that use dimensional lumber. This is because there is less waste. Traditional home designs involve lumber being cut in the woods, then transported to a mill to be cut to size. The lumber is then shipped to a distributor and cut again once it arrives at the job site. Timber frame cabin building wood requires less handling, which is why it costs less. After arriving at the site, the logs are cut to size and then adjusted with the least amount of waste.

    Aesthetics. A custom-built cabin building allows you to see the framing logs on the outer and inner walls of your small cottage home. The perfect placement of timbers creates a sense both of beauty and strength. This gives your home a unique look and adds character. There are more options for where the windows and doors should be placed, including open-concept design and log walls that are less load bearing. Another benefit of timber frame cabin building is their speed of construction.

    Timber frame cottage homes with a small number of load bearing walls allow for greater flexibility and modifications to the floor plan. A timber frame cabin building is more sustainable and less carbon-intensive than traditional wooden structures. A timber frame cabin building can be constructed from local and recycled wood. The timber waste that is left can be recycled. A small cottage home with a timber frame is one option.

    More information can be found here: Sky Walker Construction