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You Must See This Fantastic Log Home With Spacious Interior

    You can take a look at the Saaruasky vacation rental, located in the middle of several kelo log houses in the Saaruanaho area. The Saarua Sky is equipped with 2 bedrooms and can accommodate between 4 and 6 guests. The Kelo log cabin is conveniently located and has direct access to the yard’s outdoor activities. You can access the outdoor activities, including ski trails, routes, slopes, and other services, from your vacation home. The cabin is located just 27km north of Kuusamo and 200m from the Vuosseli/Ruka Valley. The Kelo log cabin has a bedroom with a double-size and a second bedroom with a single-size bed. The loft contains 2 beds. A spacious living/kitchen area and an electric sauna are available. The cabin is equipped with electric lighting, electric heating and a heat-storing fire place.

    Ruka Kuusamo is known for its natural beauty. This region of fells, forests, and untouched wilderness is surrounded by rivers, lakes, and rapids. Kuusamo, Finland’s most popular holiday destination, attracts almost a million tourists every year. Many tourists visit in winter months to take advantage of the excellent skiing at nearby ski resorts, including Ruka Ski Resort, which is one of the largest in Finland and has international standing. Ruka hosts numerous international ski-jumping and cross-country skiing competitions, as well as combined nordic competitions.

    Kuusamo is more than just a ski resort. The city is located on a plateau at 250m above sea level. From here, the waters flow in five directions, connecting it with the Barents Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia. Kuusamo is surrounded by thousands of lakes, rivers and rapids. These are all surrounded by ancient forests, which are hemmed in with some of the most striking waterfalls in Finland. This beautiful wilderness is home of some of Finland’s rarest animals and plants. The area is close to Russia and has a variety of fauna and flora, including Siberian, arctic and Southern species.

    Kuusamo is characterized by a sharp contrast between the seasons. The winter is long, cold and very snowy. However, as summer approaches, the region becomes sunny and the temperature rises to 20° Celsius. This creates an explosion of greenery under the midsummer sunlight that doesn’t dip below the horizon. Midsummer Night celebrations last well into the next day and are a beloved celebration for both locals as well as tourists. Even though the nights are bright until August, the landscape begins to change. Nature is dazzling and delighting with its myriad hues of yellows, oranges and reds as it turns darker.

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