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Virtual Video Tour Of The Appalachian Log Cabin

    This log cabin has more to it than meets first glance. The log cabin may look beautiful from the outside, with its red roof, matching shutters, and covered porch, but the interior is where you’ll see the fine craftsmanship. The use of wood in the interior is stunning, from the floors up to the high ceilings. The kitchen cabinets are also beautifully crafted using knotty Pine. The wood stove is a lovely addition to the log cabin. It’s a great way to heat up the space.

    This deluxe Appalachian cabin is the most popular model in the company. These log cabins are great for many things including vacation homes and guest houses. They can also be used as backyard offices. The front porch measures six feet wide. This deluxe pre-built log cabin can be placed on a log cabin foundation or crawlspace in your basement. The front and rear porches can be added to your log cabin once it has been delivered and constructed. These wraparound, front and back porches allow you to enjoy the scenery surrounding your new log home. The ten-foot-long kitchen includes beautiful upper and lower cabinetry, a sink, and space for appliances of your choice. This luxury log house has enough space for two bedrooms and a closet of a decent size. The bathroom includes a vanity, mirror, sink, shower and toilet.

    The log cabin is insulated using the hybrid wall system of the company, which uses reflective foam insulation. The inside walls are tongue-and-groove pine. These log cabin kits come with the front porch, railing, and two steps. They also include insulated windows, an entry door with insulated glazing, an electric package, and two non-functional dormers. The log cabin kit includes two bedrooms, fixtures for a bathroom and an insulated metal roofing. The Amish have a reputation of building quality log cabins. They build beautiful and energy-efficient log homes that can be placed in the woods, near a river, lake, or open field. The Amish Cabin Company offers fully assembled pre-built log cabin and modular log home kits. Their deluxe log home is built in a custom-built facility on a Kentucky Amish Farm; it is off-grid. They can build a larger log cabin on site if you need it.

    The Amish are proud to use the finest logs for their homes. They build Amish-quality log cabins, with only screws and no nails. Screws are used to build log cabins, which adds strength and durability. Screws do not warp, pull out or warp like nails. The log homes and cabins are made with exposed post and beams, and timber frame construction. You can enjoy them for many years with family and friends. You can feel secure in the knowledge that your Amish-quality log home will last. All log homes undergo inspections during construction to ensure that they meet all national codes. Take a look at the videos on their website to get a better understanding of how amazing these Amish log homes are. You can also take a closer view of their building site, log home and cabin building process.

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